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Daisy Denim Handbag


Upcycled Denim handbag embellished with Crystal Daisies.



Upcycled Denim Handbag made from the softest Jeans.

Embellished with Crystal Daisy braid and part of our “Pick more Daisies” collection. It is Inspired by Nadine Stair’s poem about what she would do different in life if she had the time again! She entreats us to make time for the joyful things in life. “Picking Daisies” is her metaphor for anything simple that touches your heart and lifts your day.

Small and light, yet strong and spacious enough to adapt to your daily adventures!

And make a delicate fashion statement.

With a vibrant red taffeta lining that cannot fail to make you smile!

Internal denim pocket.

Sewn corners create a base and depth, for comfortable storage.

Magnetic stud closure.

Please handwash in warm water.

Enjoy the virtuous glow that comes with style that hasn’t had a negative effect on our People or our Earth!

No poor working conditions or wages.

Reuse protects our raw materials and avoids polluting chemicals, Reduces carbon by extending fabric life, avoiding incineration and Landfill.

One of a kind.

Handmade with love in every stitch by local Artisans in the UK.


Pick More Daisies

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