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Peacock Embroidered Tote Bag


One of a kind Denim tote bag with opulent Zardozi Peacock embroidery.



Upcycled thick black Denim embellished with Zardozi embroidery Peacock .

Zardozi’ comes from two Persian words, zar being gold and dozi, embroidery It was first used for decoration in the 17th century and has evolved into a highly coveted art form, exquisitely used on royal robes in the Mogul courts of Shah Johann who built the Taj Mahal and still prized by the world’s finest International fashion houses.

Our bag that is bold, strong and spacious enough to adapt to your every task. And yet still make a glorious fashion statement.

With a vibrant coordinating shot silk taffeta lining that cannot fail to make you smile!

Large strong internal pocket.

Sewn corners create a base and depth, for comfortable storage.

Magnetic stud closure.

Please dry clean silk and Delicate embroidery.

Enjoy the virtuous glow that comes with style that hasn’t had a negative effect on our People or our Earth!

No poor working conditions or wages.

Reuse protects our raw materials and avoids polluting chemicals, Reduces carbon by extending fabric life, avoiding incineration and Landfill.

Handmade with love in every stitch by local Artisans in the UK.

A timeless gift!

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