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Customised Jacket


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Customised Design and Embellishment.

Opulent Zardozi Embroidery on a classic denim  jacket.


This one is size 10. And for sale if you would like it to make it your own!

One of a kind, we created it to give you an idea of what is possible…

At STAND our passion is exquisite Embroidery,  our Artisans and our Earth!

But especially our Customers, whom we want to offer something so personal and stunning, they feel like royalty, the minute it enfolds them!

“ The only limit is our shared Imagination! ”


We do this by creating an item of clothing especially for you, guided by your personal style and aspirations for the piece.


We customise an existing garment- you love for it’s style and fit- or one we source for you, if we can, in order to protect finite raw materials, minimise carbon emissions and waste.


This one is an example of  ‘Zardozi’ embroidery, the most opulent art form we know, made up of two Persian words,
Zar meaning gold and Dozi being embroidery.

Sculptural gold 3D metal thread work from Persia, it was popular in the Mughal Courts, being favoured for important occasions.

Today it is prized by the world’s luxury fashion houses.


Customised Clothing

We would be honoured to create something especially for you?

A different embellishment?

Anything is possible!

Simple & everyday?

For a special occasion?

From £40

“A chat is free!” Please e mail us.






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