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fashion and lifestyle artisan collections to touch your heart and make a difference

Lotus Bloom Upcycled Tote



“Let Serenity Bloom”

Designer Guild Hand Silkscreen Lotus bloom fabric.

The pale Gold ink has a beautiful warm iridescent hue!

Thick cotton canvas gives this tote bag body and a comfortable weight.

Sewn corners create a base and depth, for comfortable storage.

The pink and black blooms are in reverse order on the back.

Lined with upcycled white Silk dupion

One – of – a – kind

Enjoy the virtuous glow the comes with buying something so stylish

yet, that has not had a negative effect on our People or our Earth!

No poor working conditions or wages.

Protecting our raw materials, avoiding polluting chemicals,

Reduced carbon from incineration and Landfill..

Handmade By Artisans in the UK.

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