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antique zardozi hand-embroidered wall hanging


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antique zardozi hand-embroidered wall hanging

pale gold 3D metal thread work embellished with sequins and beads 

This traditional Bridal Veil is exquisite. Zardozi is made up of two Persian words, Zar meaning gold and Dozi meaning embroidery. Introduced from Persia, it attained its summit in the 17th century, under the patronage of Mughal Emperor Akbar. Today it is practised mainly in Varanasi, on the banks of the holy Ganges, in Lucknow and Delhi; it’s opulence being favoured for important rituals. It is prized in the luxury fashion houses of the world, but it is unlikely you will have seen anything to compare with the subtlety, beauty and skill of this piece; it will be the focus of any room, provoking conversation and wonder!

150cm x 92cm.  Weight 1,600g

Gift packaging: luxury gloss carrier and tissue paper

P & P Free. Insured

Please Note: We have the matching traditional wide flare Skirt (Lehenga) from this wedding outfit. Heirlooms which would be of special interest to Antique Textile Collectors. “An exquisite and unique set, I have not been able to find anything so beautiful again!”

107cm long. 200cm wide at the hem. 

Weight 2,500g! 

Slight discolouration each side from storage, but it is easy to hang, drape or frame this effectively and hide the minor imperfections

Please contact me if you would like to see images; the embroidery pattern exactly mirrors the veil.

There are a few missing beads due to the antique nature of these heirlooms pieces but the damage is not noticeable within the density of the embroidery, without very close scrutiny, and these items are antique. They have been worn to celebrate a very special day!

They can be lightly pinned to the wall to maintain their tactile qualities or secured in a box frame

Sold Seperately. Skirt and Veil are each £695.

Complete Ensemble, save 10%. Total: £1,250


Gift packaging: luxury gloss carrier and tissue paper

P & P Free. Insured


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