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The Perfect Circle


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You begin where I end!

“The Perfect Circle “

Designed to celebrate your Love for another …

“You begin where I end”

Or the perfect balance of the natural world that sustains us!

Crystal circles with the azure of the Oceans and the emerald of the Forests.

Or you might choose them just because you love their geometric simplicity and radiant colours?

But if you want to think ‘round’ the possibilities a little deeper…

Circularity is a way of living, that consciously moves away from our linear ‘take make waste’ model – which squanders finite resources – and finds innovative ways to use them wisely so they stay in use, going round and round and round and round and…

Think Infinity rather than Disposal!

From the outset, the Designer considers the constituent materials. Can they be created from surplus or waste ? Can digital tech be used to minimise waste? Can it be created without harm to people or Planet? Can it’s constituent parts be deconstructed for reuse?

Big principles. Big ideas
But exciting concepts we all have a part in!

We have more of the story in a blog post here!

Whatever it symbolises for you the ‘The Perfect Circle’ is an integral part of life and love!

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Azure and Emerald,
Lilac and Blue

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