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Finest Cashmere Blossom Jali Pashmina


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Pure Pashmina Jali Shawl

Hand Woven & Hand Embroidered all over

Embellished from top to bottom with delicate blossoms, in radiant orange, rose pink and burgundy silk thread.

Only shawls woven with the finest fibre from just under the mountain goat’s chin are authentic pashminas. Exquisitely soft, rare and 8 times warmer than sheep’s wool.

106 cm wide x 220 cm long, folds very small; 

dense weave is shower resistant, weighs only 250g

Purchased direct from a Textile merchant in Rajasthan, supporting the Kashmiri community, established there after the 2012 floods

One – of – a – Kind with the Hand stitched signature of the Artisan 


Gift packaging: luxury gloss carrier and tissue paper

Postage & Packaging Free. Insured


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