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‘Indian Blooms on Trellis’


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Pure cashmere jali shawl

Hand woven & hand embroidered

Embellished all over in silk thread with thousands of tiny stitches to create a trellis of burgundy leaves, filled with radiant orange and saffron flowers.


Bordered with flowers and miniature paisley patterns.

Natural & undyed. Fine brown fibers from the undercoat of goats, frolicking high in the Himalayas, 

Softer and up to 8 times warmer than sheep’s wool 

106 cm wide x 220 cm long, folds very small; 

dense weave is shower resistant, weighs only 250g

Purchased direct from a Textile merchant in Rajasthan, supporting the Kashmiri community, established there after the 2012 floods

One – of – a – Kind with the Hand stitched signature of the Artisan 

Gift packaging: luxury gloss carrier and tissue paper

Postage & Packaging Free. Insured


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