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Vintage Heirloom bejewelled skirt


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Vintage Heirloom bejewelled skirt

With love in every stitch !

This will take your breath away the minute you lay eyes on it. No one walking into my showroom can quite comprehend it’s vibrancy and intricately detailed magnificence!  It looks to have come straight  from Aladdin’s cave. 

 A vintage heirloom bejewelled skirt you could wear for 1001 nights and ever  tire  if it’s brilliance!

Handmade  for an aristocratic Indian wedding using traditional Zardozi hand embroidery, every glass jewel is sewn on by hand. The opulent old gold border is a perfect foil for the vibrant fuchsia skirt and the plethora of sapphire, emerald, topaz and ruby coloured jewels ‘sing’ together with a radiance I haven’t seen on any couture runway!

You can you imagine Sherheradzde in this as she told her stories to the king over 1001 Arabian nights ! But never  tiring  if it’s brilliance.

And nor will you!

The weight of  so many jewels make this skirt hang – and swish – with such style and presence, that paired with your smile you will entrance any room!

One of a kind. Audacious enough to be the talk of your wedding, stylish enough to wear to collect your Oscar! 

But why wait for a  moment, dress it down (with a biker jacket and boots?) And Listen for the pin drop as you walk into the bar…

Proceeds from the sale of this unequalled piece, will make so many other lives sparkle, down the years too, by supporting education and economic  choices for marginalised people (anywhere!)

‘Zardozi’  is an ancient Art from Persia, made up of two words Zar being gold and Dozi embroidery, it uses heavy metal thread work embellished with jewels and beads. It reached its zenith at the Moghul courts of India but can still be seen on jackets and shoes of many of the most successful couture houses!

This is a once in a lifetime chance. It is your turn to shine

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