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Handwoven ‘Kani’ Cashmere Throw


Hand Woven on antique wooden looms in Kashmir, ‘Kani’ has been one of India’s most intricate and prized craft traditions for over four centuries.  Woven using small wooden spokes – one for each colour – in place of a “shuttle”. Each piece can take up to a year to create.

King Size Throw: 250cm x 234cm

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‘Kani’ handweaving is one of India’s most intricate and prized craft traditions. It dates back over four centuries!

Each Kashmiri Craftsman creates a unique piece, using luxurious cashmere wool, from the Himalayan mountain goat.

They use traditions, meticulously handed down through the generations.

This heirloom piece, was created on an antique wooden loom, using small wooden spokes, in place of a shuttle. The Weaver uses a separate one for each colour!

As a result every piece takes up to a year to create!

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King Size

250cm x 234cm

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